Saturday, August 22, 2015

Response to Something Wicked

(See: Just Above Sunset: Something Wicked)

As to the question of countries honoring "birthright citizenship", Trump must have heard this somewhere and decided to just run with it:
“In the case of other countries, including Mexico, they don’t do that. It doesn’t work that way. … We’re the only place just about that’s stupid enough to do it,” he said.
What first strikes me here is that we seem to no longer be living in a world where any candidate for U.S. president would automatically find himself disqualified if he's heard calling our country stupid. 

The second thing that strikes me is that what he says here, as is his habit, is absolutely wrong. According to its constitution, Mexico treats "birthright citizenship" pretty much the same way we do:
Mexicans by birth are: I. Those born in the territory of the Republic, regardless of the nationality of their parents...
In fact, most of the countries in the Western Hemisphere are "stupid enough" to do this, while most countries elsewhere in the world are not.

But on that subject of who's really stupid, I doubt this Trump error will be picked by many, if any, since with all the stupidity swirling through the air surrounding his campaign, nobody is even bothering to hold him to a standard of truth anymore. Truth is just no longer relevant -- something that we should all probably take as a sign that we're in deep trouble.

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