Friday, October 9, 2015

Response to The Amazing Disappearing Republican Party

(See: Just Above Sunset: The Amazing Disappearing Republican Party)

Speaking of Hollywood-type movie references, how about "Village of the Damned", the 1960 British-made science-fiction film, starring George Sanders?

The setting is the fictional British village of Midwich, in which a number of strange occurrences lead to a bunch of babies all being born on the same day.
Their children have an unusual appearance, including: "arresting" eyes, odd scalp hair construction and colour (platinum blond), and unusually narrow fingernails. As they grow and develop at a rapid rate, it becomes clear they also have a powerful telepathic bond with one another. They can communicate with each other over great distances, and as one learns something, so do the others. ... 
At age three, the children are precocious, physically and mentally the equivalent of children four times their age. Their behaviour has become even more unusual and striking. They dress impeccably, always walk as a group, speak in an adult manner, and behave maturely, but they show no conscience or love, and demonstrate a coldness to others, causing the villagers to fear and be repulsed by them.
You've probably seen the flick while surfing the dial. A bunch of little blond-headed kids with no sense of humor, walking around in a group, and god-forbid they all start staring at you, with those glowing eyes of theirs.
The children begin to exhibit the power to read minds and to force people to do things against their will. There have been a number of villagers' deaths since the children were born, many of which are considered unusual, and some citizens believe the children are responsible. This is confirmed when the children are seen killing a man by making him crash his car into a wall, and again when they force his suspicious brother to shoot himself.
In other words, all the weird children started staring at John Boehner, which made him off himself by crashing his car into a wall, and then they shifted their gaze to Kevin McCarthy, and right away, made him go shoot himself.

Why? Nobody really knows for sure. All anyone can guess is these two guys, for some reason or other, just pissed them off.

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