Friday, March 25, 2016

Response to Escalating Testosterone

(See: Just Above Sunset: Escalating Testosterone)

God, this Trump guy is the Antichrist -- something which, until maybe just now, I didn't even believe in.

And this whole election is a battle for the soul of the nation, since the only thing keeping us in peril is all these Republicans who are voting for him, something they will need to stop doing.

Our only hope is that the general election will give this brat the comeuppance that someone forgot to give him when he was a kid, back when it would have done the most good:
“You are a king,” his father would tell Donald, according to his biographer Michael D’Antonio. His son took that to mean he could set his own rules. In elementary school, he gave one teacher he didn’t like a black eye; others were pelted with erasers. At birthday parties, he would fling cake. ... 
At the age of 13, he was shipped off to the New York Military Academy, which employed brutal tactics for the remaking of delinquent character, even resorting to violence to assert control over the boys. “In those days they’d smack the hell out of you. It was not like today where you smack somebody and you go to jail,” Trump has recalled. The struggle for domination permeated the culture of the place, especially the manner in which boys treated one another ... he would laugh while his classmates spoke, putting them in their place. 
But Trump’s primary method for asserting dominance was sex. ... It’s an entirely Darwinian view, where the alpha male has his pick of females, both as a perk and a means of flexing his power over lesser men. It’s the mindset that made his assertion of his penis size in a national debate almost an imperative – if he let the attack on his manhood slide, his entire edifice might crumble.
So, yeah, I guess when you're someone who's made his whole life building huge edifices, you really don't want any of your erections to collapse.

And I suppose Hillary, and all those millions of American women who can't stand the sight of the guy, could just possibly end up being Donald Trump's ultimate deflator. Now that would be an example of cosmic justice!

But also, if he loses, it's also just possible Americans will finally come to realize that, whatever problems they think they have with their country, the Republican party is nowhere near to having the solutions.

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