Saturday, September 17, 2016

Response to A Return to Self-Sabotage

(See: Just Above Sunset: A Return to Self-Sabotage)

"...he infuriated the press to the point where they’ll never cut him a bit of slack ever again."

I wouldn't bet on that. I’m sure I’m not the only journalist (or, in my case, maybe ex-journalist) who strongly suspected beforehand that this was a trap. Still, they had to play along with the ruse anyway. 

This business about Trump claiming that Hillary started this thing, while he ended it, reminds me of the occasional story you hear about some fireman being arrested for setting fires that he would then heroically rush in to put out. 

And his theatrics of yesterday also reminds me of his days way back before he was a candidate for anything, offering millions of dollars to charity if only president Obama would dance the can-can in a bikini, or something — desperate attempts to make himself look like a player, attempts that we would all sluff off without much more than a pathetic smirk, since he seemed to be the only one thinking he wasn’t irrelevant. But fast forward to 2016, and it’s truly a case of Albert Shanker getting his hands on nuclear weapons.

But how much do his shenanigans hurt him? Unfortunately, not very much, as far as I can tell.

I wonder, were anyone to do a study on real estate prices in Costa Rica right now, if they would find a rise that corresponds in any way to Donald Trump’s improving chances of winning this election?

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