Friday, March 31, 2017

Response to One Very Bad Day

(See: Just Above Sunset: One Very Bad Day)

Do you, as I do, get the feeling that every morning, every member of the Trump team gets out of bed, and while getting dressed, ties his shoelaces together?

It seems that General Michael Flynn is offering to tell his “story”, in exchange for legal immunity from prosecution. Given that we seem to have handed our government over to a family of grifters, I wouldn’t jump to the same conclusion as the one outlined here:
”Donald Trump should be worried about this amazing story that Flynn has to tell, even if no one knows what that story is – yet. It’s easy enough to guess. Trump fired the guy. This seems like revenge. This will involve Trump and Russia – or it won’t. … Trump knows what Flynn knows. This cannot be good.”
I’ve not gotten the impression that Flynn, since his departure from the Trump camp, is playing the part of the “disgruntled ex-employee”, out for “revenge”. In fact, I’ve gotten the impression that Flynn and Trump are still, as the saying goes, “as tight as thieves”.

Frankly, I think I smell a rat.

We need to keep in mind that, just within the past week, we’ve seen a third-rate scam, apparently staged by the gang in the White House, to “leak” information to the public that corroborates some fuzzy story that Donald Trump has been telling about being surveilled by the Obama administration, a preposterous tale involving the “unmasking” of innocents that is so incomprehensible and convoluted, it barely serves it’s (I think) intended purpose as a diversion from the actual issue of investigating Russia’s interference in our 2016 elections.

How is it, you may be asking, that this gang of rodeo clowns has been able to change the subject, from a serious probe of Russia's attack on our country, to “incidental” surveillance of innocent persons whose identity was somehow “unmasked”, something that has absolutely nothing to do with Russia?

I’m wagering that it has something to do with the low expectations of those whom the Trumpsters have been able to cajole over to the dark side. The point is, whatever they may think of Donald Trump, the Republicans largely share a conservative agenda with him, and know that their choice is to either (1) back him up on his bullshit scams, or (2) side with the dreaded Democrats and their liberal agenda. It’s as simple as that.

So what story does Flynn have to tell those committees?

I don’t know the details, but I’m pretty sure it’s one that reflects well on Donald Trump, and also furthers the diversion of attention away from Russia (an area of discussion that can only hurt Flynn), and toward whatever case Trump is trying to make about Obama spying on him. I would not be surprised to learn at some point that whoever at the White House arranged for Nunes to stage his stunt is also behind Flynn volunteering to “tell all”.

And by the way, how has President Trump been doing so far? I hear it’s not so hot, especially when it comes to keeping his campaign promises. But fortunately, nobody is really paying too much attention, which is fine, because all that stuff is really boring anyway. 

Any chance this presidency is just a continuation of the campaign itself, with all those outrageous tweets and contretemps in the headlines on a daily basis to divert our attention from the fact that Trump had nothing especially worthwhile to say?

But what happens if Trump's success rate continues on this same path, and he runs out of diversions?

If that happens, and I were Barrack Obama, I'd think about moving to Canada.

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