Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Response to Choosing the Reckoning

(See: Just Above Sunset : Choosing the Reckoning)

"Other Republicans have used more inflammatory rhetoric, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) calling the passport idea 'Biden’s Mark of the Beast' and some conservative activists comparing it with Nazi policies to identify Jews.”

“Mark of the Beast”? First of all, isn’t a “beast” considered any animal life form except human being?

For example, I own two adorable dogs and one not-so-adorable cat, but the only mark these beasts ever made was on the carpet, which they don’t do that anymore because they’re housebroken. Unless she’s talking about all that Revelations “666” nonsense, but nobody but propeller-heads believes any of that these days anyway.

And ignoring the fact that it hasn’t been acceptable for decades to use Nazi references in argument, I don’t recall any Nazi policy of identifying Jews as the people carrying paperwork proving they’ve been vaccinated. And why would they anyway? Is there a chance we’re going a bit overboard on this stuff? In our haste to find something to obsess over in otherwise boring times, aren't we aiming at the wrong direction?

(Spoiler alert: Yes.)

You would think anyone seriously concerned that we might end up treating people the way the Nazis did would stop worrying about all that silly end-times trivia and would instead direct their concerns to thugs knocking down and kicking Asians on the sidewalks of America, or to officers of the law disproportionately mistreating (and some times even killing) Black people, and too often getting away with it.

If you’re looking for a “Mark of a Beast” in America, you’d surely find it a lot quicker if you to just look in the right places.

For example, just watch CNN’s coverage of the trial in Minneapolis. That should get your blood boiling.

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